Financial Support

Why Donate Money?

We wish that it would be possible for this project to fund itsself--but unfortunately, the very nature of our work prevents us from "selling" our creations. Along with physical donations of yarn, blankets, and crocheting supplies financial support in the form of money and postage donations are essential for the ongoing success of the Afghans for Angel Project.

How is your donation spent?

* Website and email service as well as domain name renewal
($14.00/ month [website & email service] + $25.00/ year domain renewal= $193.00 / year)

* Yarn, hooks, and other supplies for making blankets, hats, and other items for the project
($25.00 / month = $300.00 / year)

*Postage and Shipping of blankets and other donated items to charities and children throughout the world & Thank You's and other correspondance
($10.00 per box * 30 boxes + $0.47 * 300 pieces = $441.00 / year)

$193+ $300 + $441 = $934 -- cost to operate per year!


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