The AFA Project: Beginnings

I had hoped that we would be blessed to receive enough squares to make one blanket--we needed about 100 5" squares. Imagine my surprise to come home from class the next day to find several DOZEN large boxes and more than 50 puffy envelopes sitting outside my apartment door! The packages and letters, from generous people around the U.S., Canada, England, and even a lady from Finland, came in over the next several months. There were boxes and boxes of yarn, and when we were finished counting, nearly 3,000 crocheted grannie squares.

A teacher from Nala's school, Mrs. Harper, helped us put together several blankets for the fundraiser, but we had to decide what to do with the rest. Nala said, "Why not just make blankets for other kids with cancer?" and that's just what we've done since that faith-filled day.

We've made or sent nearly 50 afghans for kids from around the world, with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses and we also sent a large donation of hand-made hats, scarves, and blankets to an orphanage in Somalia, Ukraine. The Afghans for Angel Project has supported area education and community service organization and skills-training programs for under served demographic groups by donating materials and crafting supplies, books, and patterns so that those children and adults can learn how to crochet and kit.

We support community school districts and art programs that often struggle to afford basic arts-and-crafts materials with donations of yarn. Church groups enjoy our donations of materials that they use to make items for church fund raisers--and through those linkages we've been able to extend our philanthropic reach world wide.

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DonationOne donation from December of 2006 that contained hundreds of donated squares and several completed afghans and hats.