The AFA Project: Beginnings

Together, we named the little endeavor the "Afghan for Angel Project", and with Nala cheering me on with her white and blue Northwood Elementary pompoms (go mom go!) I went online. For a little over an hour, I researched crafting groups, and I sent email messages to about 20 crafting newsgroups around the world. I asked for donations of scrap yarn or grannie squares that Nala and I could sew together to make a blanket for Angel's fundraiser.

I told Nala that we would be very lucky if anyone donated anything--and that we would have to just hope and pray that there were generous people out there that had some extra that they might send us. She bounced off to the room she shared with her baby brother and told me that she was sure there would be a package in the mail the very next day.

A few days passed, and then nearly a week. My hopeful skepticism turned to sadness as a week went by and no packages had arrived in the mail, but Nala's assured confidence was undiminished. I wondered what it was that made her so confident, so sure. She seemed to possess a wisdom not her age, and a secret knowledge of things to come.

Arriving home from class a bout 10 days after the emails went out, I found a note from the post office posted to our apartment door. When I called the next day, the postman said there was a "number of parcels" at the post office addressed to "Afghans for Angel Project" and he wanted to know if they should be delivered or if we would pick them up. I asked him to deliver them the next day, and thanked him for his time. I wondered to myself, just how many parcels are there that the post office has to call?

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Grannie Squares

We use crocheted grannie squares that are joined together to make blankets, scarves, and hats for children with cancer.