An international philanthropic nonprofit charitable organization promoting grass-roots community service groups worldwide.

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Nala with a Blanket

Originally founded in 2001, The Afghans for Angel Project (AFA Project) is a not for profit, philanthropic organization whose primary program is to construct and distribute comforting, hand-made, afghans to children with life-threatening illnesses. Other projects include blankets, booties, and hat for neo-natal intensive care units, and chemo caps for kids. These items are given to children, usually by the request of a friend or family member at no cost to the child or the child's family.

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AFA Project Founder,
Nala Johnson Burroughs shows off a crocheted afghan.

The mission of the AFA Project is to educate, encourage, and promote grass-roots giving programs and philanthropic efforts developed by individuals and groups worldwide.

Through the donations of time, energy, and hand-made items from crafters across the globe, and the generous financial support of individuals and businesses worldwide, the AFA Project is able to continue its philanthropic efforts from year to year.

DISCLAIMER: Although our organization is a charitable organization whose philanthropic efforts connect donors and kids across the world, The Afghans for Angel Project does NOT qualify as a US Tax Exempt, 501-C-3 not-for profit organization by the standards of the U.S. IRS. Please check with your tax advisor to find out if your donation is tax-deductable.

In order to provide transparent reporting, The Afghans for Angel Project will provide annual reports upon request to any stakeholder or donor. Please visit our contact page for more information on making an annual report request.

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